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Press (English)

01-07-2014 | Curaçao Precious
Feelings are a universal matter
- Interview
Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary Curaçao

30-11-2011 | The Telegraph
Hail, Diva
- Review of perfomance in Kalkotta

25-11-2011 | Time Out Bangalore
Izaline Calister
Aditya Kundalkar

24-11-2011 | Hindu
Papiamentu goes global
- Interview in Indian newspaper
Harshini Vakkalanka

05-07-2010 | The New York Times
A Language Thrives in Its Caribbean Home
- Article about the Creole language Papiamentu, with a citation from ‘Mi Pais’
Simon Romero

“This is easily one of the best world music albums I have ever reviewed.”

03-2010 | Inside World Music
Izaline Calister’s ‘Speransa’
- cd-review Speransa (English)
Matthew Forss

10-2009 | Insights
A gem!
- cd-review Speransa

23-09-2009 | GO Weekly
Gracefully into a new phase
Roxanne van Dam-Martha, photography Pito Polo

06-09-2009 | The News Aruba
The Aruban night shines with the brightest stars for Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival 2009

‘A towering achievement.’

14-07-2008 | Diaspora.com
Richard Jasiutowicz
CD-review Krioyo

27-03-2008 | Parade
Zlatna Kostova (Bulgarian)

“…a voice for all moods, from a soaring, melodic belt rather like Angelique Kidjo’s to an imploring breathiness…”

16-02-2007 | Rootsworld.com
Izaline Calister keeps Curaçao on the musical map
Tom Orr | Cd-review

“…highlight Calister's songwriting strength…”

09-2006 | www.earball.net/spintheglobe
Izaline Calister, Kanta Hélele
Scott Allan Stevens | Cd-review

07-2006 | The Beat
Island Style
Brian Dring | Interview

“…the best of both the hip-swaying and reflective moments of this marvelous disc…”

27-01-2006 | www.globalrhythm.net
Izaline Calister, Krioyo
World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean
Tom Orr | Cd-review

“Dutch audiences have already become enraptured by Calister’s music and charismatic stage presence.”

27-01-2005 | Amsterdam Weekly
A Caribbean queen on the world stage
Peter Bartlema | Interview

“…a vocal performance that comes close to the imploding pathos of Billie Holiday…”

12-2004 | Record Collector
A world music album of and for 2004
Ken Hunt | CD-Review ‘Krioyo’

“It’s rare to find music so compellingly danceable which also repays deeper listening.”

07/08-2004 | Songlines 26
Danceable eclecticism from Curaçao
Kim Burton | CD-Review ‘Krioyo’

“Just go and buy it, for a friend or for yourself. Someone in your life needs it.”

27-08-2004 | The Boot Box
Izaline Calister | Krioyo
Ted ‘The Boot’ Boothroyd | CD-Review ‘Krioyo’

“…Krioyo is a very welcome album with great music that is wonderfully recorded…”

05-2004 | www.6moons.com
Izaline Calister | Krioyo
Marja Vanderloo, Henk ‘Longbeard’ Boot
CD-Review ‘Krioyo’


13-11-2003 | Turkish Daily News
Ankara Jazz Festival continues with famous talent Izaline Calister
-Author unknown- | Article with reference to Ankara Jazz Festival

“…If you weren't in the Castle Park last Friday night - cry now. Weep, gnash your teeth and know that you missed one of the most spectacular outdoor events that our city has ever hosted…”

15-08-2003 | Kilkenny People
Arts Festival fireworks, Izaline Calister and Masquerade
Gerry Moran | Review of concert on Kilkenny Festival

“…Izaline is one of the most gifted women singer/ songwriters to emerge from the Caribbean, backed at every restless musical turn in the road by her equally talented band…”

07/08-2003 | The Beat
You Go Girls
Brian Dring | CD-Review of ‘Mariposa’


“…give a listen to Izaline Calister and her CD. She is new to the jazz scene, and a very welcome addition to jazz vocalists…”

2002 | www.jazzreview.com
Izaline Calister - Soño di un muhé (One Woman's Dream)
Lee Prosser | CD-Review

08-2002 | The Beat
The Alphabetical Islands
Brian Dring | About the Dutch Caribbean music, followed by an interview with Izaline

“…it was Izaline Calister who reigned supreme that night. The local lady, now international diva, had the fans eating from the palm of her hands…”

07-2002 | Caribbean Today
Jazz fest serves up sweet Curaçao culture
Howard ‘Flagga’ Duperly | Review of Curaçao Jazz Festival

04-2002 | Viva Otrobanda
Tumba Queen only once
author unknown | Interview one year after winning the Tumba Festival