Interview in AD Amersfoort

04-07-’19  An interview with Izaline in the paper about her shows at ‘Dias Latinos’, Amersfoort. Read it here (Dutch).

Great reception on Curaçao

18-06-’19  Last week Izaline played her show ‘Eiland Van Mijn Vader’ in Curaçao, together with Thijs Borsten. They had to organise two extra shows because of the great response. Tickets were sold out the very day they were released.

Back in Holland, Izaline and Thijs are still overwhelmed by the reactions they got of the audiences present. For an impression of the atmosphere in the Fortkerk where the show was staged, read the review in the Antilliaans Dagblad (Dutch).

Great reception on ‘De Parade’ too

29-06-’19  And a great reception for the show on De Parade at Rotterdam this weekend. Read the review by Mieke Zijlmans in the Theaterkrant (Dutch). She made the show ‘Choice of the critic’!

Tula Remembrance Concert

14-03-’19  In 1795, the biggest rebellion on Curaçao of combined enslaved and freed black was led by a man called Tula. The revolt was suppressed and Tula was captured, tortured and killed by the Dutch government.

It would last another 68 years before slavery on Curaçao was abolished. Over the years Tula has become the island’s symbol of resistance against slavery and the emancipation of the enslaved.
Now every year around the date of the revolt a remembrance concert is held in Amsterdam.

Izaline is honoured with the invitation to organise the concert this year, on 18 August, 2019. We’ll keep you posted.

Picture: Tula-monument at execution-place

Great reviews

12-12-’18 ‘Een ware verademing.’ (A true breath of fresh air)
- Rinus van der Heijden in Jazz Nu

‘…we zijn nog lang niet uitgeluisterd.’ (...we can't get enough)
- Jeroen Jansen in Antilliaans Dagblad

‘…nieuw bewijs van Calister’s veelzijdigheid.’ ( proof of Calister’s versatility)
- Peter Bartlema in Heaven

To order ‘Live at the Concertgebouw’, click here.

Newest CD 'Live at the Concertgebouw'

22-10-’18 This November a new relaese came available with live recordings of Izaline Calister. She is accompanied by Ed Verhoeff on guitar, featering Angelo Verploegen on flugelhorn.

Last summer, the new-baked jazz-trio performed at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. They enjoyed the night so much they decided to make the recordings available to the world.

The CD is conveniently called
‘Live at the Concertgebouw’. On the new album Izaline sings songs in 5 different languages, including Dutch and Portuguese, picking from the Brasilian songbook, jazz-standards and her own compositions (tracklist). Her voice mingles perfectly with the soft, velvety sound of flugelhornist Angelo and they are both being carried by the precise and warm play of skilful guitarist Ed Verhoeff.

The CD
includes linernotes of jazz-reporter René Steenhorst (linernotes). From these:

…Calister, Verhoeff and Verploegen chose each other as musical partners. They master the art of limitation; two instruments and one voice, sometimes acting as the third instrument.

…the album contains the recording of a soulful evening in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. A sweet re-experience for those present that night, a delightful catching up for musiclovers who wished they had been there. Like me...

schedulefor upcoming dates and venues.

To order ‘Live at the Concertgebouw’, click here.

New theatre-show

10-09-’18 Most people know Curaçao as a sunny island with tourists on beaches and golfcourts, but it is also the birth-island of Izaline and her father, who spend all of his life there.

This fall, Izaline tours the Dutch theatres with her new show called
‘Het eiland van mijn vader’ (‘My Father’s Isle’). It is a musical show with stories, songs and filmclips about Curaçao, that Izaline made together with Thijs Borsten. Be prepared to get acqainted with beautiful and historic parts of Curaçao that mostly stay hidden for the touristic eye.

Izaline is accompanied by Thijs Borsten on keyboards and there is a surprise-feature of Izaline’s musical friends from Curaçao...

Check the schedule for dates and venues.

‘Knight Calister’

26-04-’18 Much to her own surprise, Izaline was decorated at this year’s annual ‘lintjesregen’. Izaline was knighted by the mayor of Groningen, by authority of His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander. She recieved the insignia of the order in front of a small crowd of fans, friends and family. Some of them flew in from Curaçao to attend the ceremony.

Izaline was granted this honour because of her achievements as a singer composer and lyricist, being an ambassador for the language of Papiamentu and the Antillian culture, crossing the borders between and bridging the peoples of the different countries of the kingdom of The Netherlands, and for her charity-activities.
Izaline recieved the title of ‘Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau’

Read the entire speech of mayor Peter den Oudsten in Dutch (and a little Papiamentu) here.

(Photo: Elmer Spaargaren)

Singing for King and Queen

20-04-’18 On the yearly ‘Koningsdag’ the King of the Netherlands celebrates his birthday, and this year he does so in Izaline’s hometown of Groningen. Izaline is proud and honoured to be invited to sing for HRH the King Willem Alexander and HRH Queen Máxima on this royal birthday-party. Izaline even sings a song in the local dialect! She is accompanied by the local ‘Noordpool Orkest’

As usual, the visit is being intensely registered and televised live. Friday morning, 27 April, 10.00 - 13.00, NPO1.

More info on

Reprise ‘Latin Diva’

29-03-’18 Last season’s theatre show is being reprised this spring! In this show Izaline takes you with her in her search how to become a Latin Diva.

She’s looking for inspiration at the Latin Diva’s she admires like Mercedes Sosa, Astrud Gilberto, Gloria Estefan and Omara Portuondo from Buena Vista Social Club.
And while she was writing on her new album Rayo di Lus – she absorbed all of these influences. Now she’s ready for the next step: Becoming a Latin Diva herself with the new songs from ‘Rayo di Lus’. Don’t miss it so you can say you were there, just before she will have the world at her feet!

In this reprise-tour Izaline is being accompanied by the virtuoso Marc Bischoff on piano and the incomparable Helene Jank on percussion.

Read this review (Dutch) by Illand Pietersma or this interview (Dutch) by Hans Invernizzi.
Check the schedule for dates and venues

Izaline Calister and Helene Jank
Photo: De Nozem Fotografie Amersfoort

Great reviews for Rayo Di Lus
11-06-’16 According to one certain critic it is Izaline’s best relaese untill now. Check reviews (in Dutch) HERE.

Two cd-parties Rayo Di Lus scheduled
11-06-’16 With her band, Izaline is playing the music of her new cd on Saturday 11 June in De Lantaren Venster (SITE), Rotterdam and at BIM-huis (SITE), Amsterdam on 16 June. Check the SCHEDULE for mor info.

NOW available

11-06-’16 The new cd of Izaline, Rayo di Lus, is available through this site. For Dutch fans, that is. It comes in a jewelbox, including a 16-page booklet with the songlyrics in Papiamentu and a translation in English.

For €15,- we’ll send it to an address in The Netherlands. Exclusively for this site Izaline signed the first 50 copies. Order here.

(NL) Nieuwe cd nu verkrijgbaar
De nieuwe cd van Izaline ‘Rayo di Lus’ is nu te bestellen. Bij de cd zit een tekstboekje van 16 pagina's met de songteksten in Papiaments en de Engelse vertaling.

Gesigneerde exemplaren
De cd kost €15,- inclusief verzending. Speciaal voor deze site signeerde Izaline de eerste 50 cd's. Bestellen
07-04-’16 The new cd of Izaline Calister is called Rayo Di Lus (Ray of Light). It features two surprising acts, the Curaçao/Dutch cooperation ‘Kuenta I Tambú’ (KiT) and the Aruban group ‘Buleria’.

Izaline’s eighth(!) contains ten new songs and a beautiful adaptation of the Dutch song ‘Telkens Weer’. If not before, this cd settles her name as a singer/songwriter.

Cd-presentation-shows are scheduled for April and June, in Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Check the schedule for dates and venues!