‘Barricade’, Izaline Calister and Leoni Jansen

30-09-’15 Together with singer Leoni Jansen Izaline put together a show, called Barricade, power of song.

The show compilates protestsongs, telling the story of the empowerment song has given over the years.
Accompanied by a small band, Izaline and Leoni interpret the songs that gave people hope and made them fight for their rights.

Barricade is a reprise of last year and plays in Dutch theatres all over the country. Check the schedule for dates and venues.

Izaline tours Surinam

14-07-’15  In August, Izaline travels to Surinam to bring her theatre show ‘Geen Liefde Zonder Vrijheid’.

Izaline performs the part of Mosa Nena, the femme fatal of the slaves from the famous Antillean song. Counterpart ‘Buchi Fil’ is played by Jörgen Raymann. They are accompanied by a group of musicians, including a Dutch string quartet.

A Delightful Summernight

10-06-’15  On July 13, Izaline played The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in the series Robeco Summernights.

Izaline Calister - vocals; Yumaria Grijt - vocals; Marc Bischoff - piano, vocals; Ed Verhoeff - guitars; Yerman Aponte - bass; Enrique Firpi - drums, percussion - Photo: Phaedra Kwant

Izaline on iTunes!

Three recent cd's of Izaline are now made available through iTunes. They are Speransa (’09), Kanta Héléle (’06) and Krioyo (’04). Check it out! ».