On the Parade
With Leoni Jansen

24-06-’14 Izaline performs on this year’s edition of theaterfestival ‘De Parade’. Together singer Leoni Jansen she put together a show, called Barricade, power of song.

The show compilates protestsongs, telling the story of the empowerment song has given over the years. Accompanied by a small band, Izaline and Leoni interpret the songs that gave people hope and made them fight for their rights.

The show plays in Utrecht on 18, 19, 20 , 21 and 22 July.
In Amsterdam on 17, 18, 19 and 20 August.

Info and tickets on www.deparade.nl.

Izaline Calisters Caribbean Jazz

05-03-’14  Hailing from the Caribbean island of Curaçao and as always singing in her native language of Papiamentu, Izaline Calister and her fantastic musicians bring the music of the Lesser Antilles to life in the cities of Enschede, Rotterdam and ’s Hertogenbosch!

11 April  Enschede  - De Tor
16 May  Rotterdam  - De Doelen
27 May  ’s Hertogenbosch  - Azijnfabriek (Jazzkapel)

More information on the schedule-page.

Singing for King and Queen!

01-12-’13 Watch Izaline singing ‘De Lucht Zit Nog Vol Dagen’ at the Koninkrijksconcert (30-11-2013) in Circustheater, Scheveningen.
ntire concert through ‘Uitzending Gemist’.

In the picture: HRH King Willem-Alexander and HRH Queen Maxima amidst the entire cast, with The Ashton Bros, André Kuipers, Brigitte Kaandorp, Huub Stapel, Guus Meeuwis, Caro Emerald, Izaline Calister (dressed in blue!), Paul van Vliet, Jeroen van der Boom and many more.

© Nationaal Comité 200 jaar Koninkrijk

200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands Anniversary Concert

27-11-’13 200 years ago the Netherlands regained their independence from France. The return of our prince in 1813 led to his coronation, based on a new constitution. Two centuries later we are a democratic nation, which we commemorate starting on Saturday, November 30.

The full celebration consists of six national events, divided over the next two years. On November 30, 2013 Izaline Calister performed together with the Metropole Orchestra at the official opening concert. This show took place at Circus theatre Scheveningen with the royal family in attendance.

The show was broadcast live on television, see it now on ‘Uitzending Gemist’.

For more information: 200 jaar koninkrijk.

Interview ‘Dagblad Van Het Noorden’

21-11-’13  An extended interview in regional press with a beautifull picture by Pepijn van den Broeke.
Click HERE.

200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands

10-09-’13  This year, 2013, the Kingdom of the Netherlands exists 200 year. All residents are invited to celebrate this birthday.

Most of the festivities are planned on 30 November, the day Willem I set foot ashore in Scheveningen, 200 years ago. As part of the celebrations, Izaline performs that night with the Metropole Orchestra in the Circus Theater in Scheveningen.

Izaline is appointed member of the board, committed to the organization of the festivities. She is specially concerned to involve the Caribbean part of the Kingdom in this celebration.

More info in Papiamentu on 200jaarkoninkrijk.nl/papiamentu, 200jaarkoninkrijk.nl (Dutch), or 200jaarkoninkrijk.nl/english (English).

Kiss me here!!

16-05-’13  Clip ‘Damelo Aqui’ from cd ‘Kandela’. Enjoy!

Lalala, the clip came through

19-01-’11  The beautiful beach of Curaçao is the scenery for this family-clip of Lalala. Enjoy!

Clip ‘Mi Pais’

25-10-’09  Izaline’s first videoclip just has been released. The song is called ‘Mi Pais’ (My Country) and tells about Izaline’s love for her sometimes hampered island. It is a track of her latest cd-release, ’Speransa’.

The clip is directed by Gabri Christa and the camera is handled by Dolph van Stapele of Fisheye Media Productions. Izaline would like to thank the Curaçao Tourism Board for making the filming of the clip possible.

To sing along, click for Lyrics and Translation ».

Izaline on iTunes!

Three recent cd's of Izaline are now made available through iTunes. They are Speransa (’09), Kanta Héléle (’06) and Krioyo (’04). Check it out! ».