Soña di un Muhé

One woman’s dream

Izaline’s first release on her own name and her glorious entrance to the Dutch musical scene. A pioneer’s CD that explores the music of Curaçao, mixing it with jazz-styles and improvisation. Listen to ‘Mazurka Erotika’. Izaline produced this album with the than long renowned bassplayer Eric Calmes, upcoming talented pianist Randal Corsen and phenominal percussionist Pernell Saturnino.

With contributions of some of Curaçao’s greatest musicians: Konki Halmeyer on steelpan, Liber Toriente on violin, Erwin Prudencia on benta and Maruja Boogaard as backing vocals.

2000 Eazy C Productions EZC 75070 | Order through this site


1. Soño Di Tur Muhé  - I. Calister, R. Corsen/ I. Calister

2. Amor di Mama  - I. Calister

3. Soña  - I. Calister

4. Fiesta Di Piskadó (radio-edit)   - R. Plaate

5. Mi Ke Sa  - I. Calister

6. Siña Mi Kon  - E. Calmes, I. Calister

7. Plegaria   - O. Behilia

8. Tumbabo  - R. Corsen, I. Calister

9. Ora Friw Kuminsa  - R. Corsen, I. Calister

10. Mazurka Erotika  - R. Corsen, I. Calister

11. Fiesta Di Piskadó  - R. Plaate


Izaline Calister - vocals, lead and backing)

Eric Calmes - bass

Randal Corsen - piano, Fender-Rhodes, backing vocals

Pernell Saturnino - percussion

Javier Cordoba - percussion

Roël Calister - drums, percussion


Roy Louis - guitar

Liber Torriente - drums

Russel ‘Konki’ Halmeyer - steeldrum

Ulrich de Jesus - guitar

Marita Blijden, Maruja Boogaard, Monica Mao-Cheia - backing vocals

Tony Lakatos - soprano saxophone

Roeland Duinen - cello

Pedro Libert - violin

Erwin Prudencia - benta