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Krioyo - Izaline Calister
NETWORK - 26.258
EAN 7 85965 10592 1

Krioyo is the Papiamento word meaning "Creole". It is both an adjective and a noun and its meanings have a variety of connotations not limited to music alone. When Izaline Calister spontaneously interjects the word in the songs Mi Sopi (track 3) and Redashi (track 6) she expresses her joy at the groove being created out of her island’s local musical ingredients. It is also the delicious form of local cuisine and the way it is prepared. It’s also the down home feeling you get on the island from something you have made out of your own roots. Krioyo – good title for this CD! And it sums up the ongoing process of creolization that has been at the heart of Caribbean society for centuries – that mixing, blending, reworking and making of new cultures out of the old. Izaline Calister comes from a place where musicians have traditionally listened to and assimilated all kinds of music, both from their African and European origins as well as the forms of Latin and North American popular music that began to make large inroads on the island from the 1930s onward.
(From the linernotes by Scott Rollins)


Áwaseru Lyrics
- (R. Corsen/ I. Calister)
Wow’i karino Lyrics
- (R. Corsen/ I. Calister)
Mi Sopi Lyrics
- (R. Recordino / Isidora, add. lyrics: I. Calister)
Yudami Lubida Lyrics
- (I. Calister / I. Calister)
Ta abo so Lyrics
- (E. Calmes / I. Calister)
Redashi Lyrics
- (R. Corsen/ I. Calister)
Día Liber Lyrics
- (I. Calister / I. Calister)
Aworó Lyrics
- (R. Corsen/ I. Calister)
Ki bo ke Lyrics
- (R. Corsen/ I. Calister)
Mi Sekreto Lyrics
- (E. Calmes / I. Calister)
Ultimo Amor Lyrics
- (I. Calister / I. Calister)
Telenovela Lyrics
- (I. Calister / I. Calister)


Izaline Calister
- lead vocals, backing vocals
Eric Calmes - electric bass, marimbula, double bass, electric upright bass, backing vocals
Randal Corsen - grand piano, backing vocals
Roël Calister - drums, percussion, triangle, sound effects, barí, backing vocals
Pernell Saturnino - conga’s, wiri, shekere, tambú grandi, sticks, campana, clave, djembe, chapi, backing vocals
Ulrich de Jesus - guitars, kwarta, backing vocals
Niata Augusta - backing vocals

guest musicians

Shirma Rousse - backing vocals
Strings Unlimited:
Herman van Haaren - violin
Jeanneke Biessen - violin
Yvonne van de Pol - viola
Saartje van Camp - cello

Produced by: Izaline Calister and Randal Corsen. Co-produced by Eric Calmes.
Executive Producer and Production Coordination: Izaline Calister.
Production Coordination, Germany: Christian Scholze.
Recorded at Power Sound Studio’s, Amsterdam.
Recording engineers: Paul Pouwer, Tijmen Zinkhaan, Theo Jansen and Finn Kruyning.
Mixed and mastered 24 bit, at Power Sound Studio’s by Paul Pouwer, Izaline Calister, Randal Corsen and Eric Calmes.