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Kanta Hélele - Izaline Calister
NETWORK - 495113

‘Kanta Hélele’ translates as ‘Sing Hélele’.

‘Hélele’ is a lyric people in Curaçao often use when they want to sing a song of joy without having a particular melody or song in their minds. People usually belt out the ‘Hélele’ using whatever melody comes into mind, often with their hands lifted up to the air.

The title song of the cd is an ode to optimism:
‘Wake up, don't waste your time in bed. Everything happens out there. Grab your chances and don't let your problems get you down. You can do it! If you want, I'll help see that happiness, the real kind, does not have to cost anything. It is for free and easy to grasp as long as you keep your eyes open for it. Do it, see the beauty of life around you and celebrate it by singing with me: Hélele!…’

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Mi So Den Boso (Come eat and drink)
- (L. Samson/ L. Samson; add. lyrics: I. Calister)
Kasa Ku Mi (Marry me)
- (I. Calister/ I. Calister)
Kanta Hélele (Sing Hélele)
- (I. Calister/ I. Calister)
Nada Den Mi Man (Nothing in my hands)
- (I. Calister/ I. Calister)
Bisami Si (Say yes)
- (I. Calister/ I. Calister)
Dia Bo Pagami (The day you pay me back)
- (J. Formell/ I. Calister)
Karnaval Di Zumbi (Carnival of the ghosts)
- (B. Margarita/ R. Simon)
Ban Wap’é (Let’s dance the seú)
- (R. Steba/ I. Calister)
Kerido Amigu (Dear friend)
- (I. Calister/ I. Calister)
Lamento Di Mosa Nena (Lament of Mosa Nena)
- (I. Calister/ I. Calister)
Mitar Di Shete (Half past six)
- (I. Calister / I. Calister)


Izaline Calister
- lead vocals, backing vocals
Niata Augusta - backing vocals
Giovanca Ostiana - backing vocals
Reno Steba - electric bass, backing vocals
Ed Verhoeff - acoustic and electric guitars
José Lopretti - grand piano, melodica
Pernell Saturnino - conga’s, backing vocals, wiri and cowbell, tambú grandi, shekere, udu drum, triangle, chapi, woodbox
Roël Calister - drums, backing vocals, timbales, shaker, cowbell, kachu, jungle sound effects, kesh kesh, shekere, triangle, chapi, tambú grandi
Rendel Rosalia - congas, barí, chapi

guest musicians

Wim Both - trumpet
David Rothschild - trombone
Saartje van Camp - cello
Oene van Geel - violin
Zou Diarra - electric guitar, kora
Eric Vloeimans - trumpet

Produced by: Izaline Calister and Pernell Saturnino. Co-produced by Tijmen Zinkhaar, Reno Steba and Roël Calister.
Production Coordination: Nathalie van Veenendaal and Simona van Tiel.
Executive Producer: Christian Scholze.

Recorded at E Sound Studio’s, Weesp (Recording engineer: Julio Hernandez), Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam (recording engineer:
Paul Pouwer), and Bullet Sound Studios, Nederhorst den Berg (recording engineer: Tijmen Zinkhaan).
Mixed at Power Sound Studio by Paul Power, Izaline Calister, Roël Calister and Julio Hernandez.
Digitally pre-mastered and mastered by Radu Marinescu and Christian Scholze at Accoustic Entertainment, Cologne.